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Terms of Service

All Internships are Unpaid.

Our internships provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable real world experience in positions related to their future career. Due to visa restrictions, etc, our internship programs are all unpaid.

*The Study & Intern Okinawa program is run by the company English Teachers in Okinawa.

Points to consider before applying

Here are some very important things we need to mention to you. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

  1. The purpose of this program is to provide our students and interns with high quality, college-level instruction in Japanese Language and/or internship with experiences in Japanese and Okinawan Culture.

  2. ETIO agrees to provide housing for students and interns near the site where they will intern or study Japanese – it should be noted that housing is for personal stay only, overnight guests are not permitted.

    ETIO agrees to provide lunch Monday to Friday. There is a fully functional kitchen where you may make breakfast & dinner.

    ETIO agrees to provide transportation for all sightseeing tours. There are 2 sightseeing tours for each month of the program (Southern, Central, or Northern Okinawa).

  3. Japanese Classes:  Students will take a placement test before the first day of classes. All students will be placed according to their performance on this exam. Textbooks will be provided. Classes will be held from 9:30 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday, unless there is a Japanese holiday.

  4. Internship. ETIO agrees to make arrangements for participants to intern while in Okinawa and provide all appropriate transportation to and from the place of internship.

    Please be aware that some internships will have the day off when there is a Japanese holiday. Interns are only allowed to hang out with students at the internship location.  Due to internship agreements, interns are not allowed to connect with students privately.

  5. Cultural Activities. ETIO agrees to arrange & provide transportation for four cultural activities per month. These cultural activities may include: a beach BBQ, calligraphy class, cultural exchanges with Okinawans, festivals, flower arrangement class, golf, karaoke, karate class, kimono class, Okinawa Dance/Dialect/Music class, playing sports/water sports, private parties, professional sporting events, tea ceremony class, etc.

  6. Fees. Students/interns agree to pay 50% to reserve a place in our program and payment in full is required no later than one month before the start of the program. Studetn/intern will ensure payment either by direct bank transfer or by international money order. If student/intern cancels more than one month before the start of her program, she will get back 75%. From 30-22 days before the program, 50% will be refunded. From 21 days to 14 days, 25% will be refunded. If student/intern cancels with less than two weeks, there will be no refund. 

  7. Standard of Conduct. Student/intern will be subject to the laws of the host country, state, and local authorities, as well as the rules and regulations of the host institutions. Any breach of these laws or rules will be dealt with in accordance with the governing jurisdiction or institutions. ETIO will do its best to immediately inform student/intern of any breach of these laws or rules. In the case of any legal incidents, ETIO will contact your Country’s Embassy or Consulate on your behalf and will cooperate with investigative authorities during the course of any legal investigation.

  8. Make sure you buy some travel insurance because you never know what can happen.
  9. Please bring formal and informal clothes for various events you will be invited to.
  10. The following is just for those doing the education internship. Please bring some pictures or things from where you are from for a show & tell for the students at the school. This is just for people doing the Education internship.
  11. You don't have to do this but we highly recommend it. You will make some very good friends while you are here so it might be a good idea to bring some small presents for your favorite teachers, friends, etc.
  12. Print off your contract to show at the airport so you don’t have any problems entering the country!!!
  13. Please bring some Japanese yen as it might be too late to exchange money when you arrive.
  14. We do not start paying for your housing until your program starts so you will need to pay for any additional housing that is required – for example, arriving a few days earlier or leaving a few days later. Of course, we can help you find a very inexpensive place to stay so please tell us if you would like our help setting up your pre or post-program housing. 
Important Notes

Okinawa is less crowded, less expensive, and much more relaxed than mainland Japan and is one of the most beautiful & safest places in the world!

We do not have any quotas. You just need a basic knowledge of the Japanese or English language to take part in Study & Intern Okinawa.

You can join Study & Intern Okinawa at the beginning of every month, however, the language classes do not restart every month as they follow the Japanese school year curriculum.

Are you ready to beging your adventure studying Japanese and interning in beautiful Okinawa, Japan?

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